CECL Halftime Show:

A Check-in with Four Community Banks and Their Plans for the ‘Second Half’

Recorded August 2nd, 2023 1:00PM ET

What's Inside?

Areas of Discussion


We’ll hear how the panelists have addressed the data requirements thus far, and any plans they have for the future.


How should banks best handle reserve volatility?

Consulting vs. Software

Is a model enough?

Forecasting & Budgeting

How has CECL forced banks to change their budgeting for the loan loss reserve?

Model Validation

How have these four banks addressed model validation findings?

CECL Audits

What elements of your CECL process have been most important for your auditors?

CECL Exams

Where have regulators focused and how have you responded?

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"The 'Big Three' of risks; liquidity, interest rate, and credit, are all flashing red and converging for the first time in recent memory. That's why your capital plan is so important and probably should be rewritten from scratch ASAP."

Adam Mustafa
President & CEO, The Invictus Group
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